Our History........

Low Country Preserve opened in September of 2012 and is the Coastal Carolina's New Premier Shooting Range, Training Facility and Outdoor Adventure Venue featuring:

  • 12 shooting bays,

  • 2 rifle ranges (300 yard & 150 yard)

  • 5 Stand

  • Sporting Cays 10 Stations 100 rd and 50 rd menus

  • Skeet

  • Training from Concealed Carry; Private one-on-one; Tactical Pistol, shotgun, carbine; Competition,

  • 5K Mudd Run

  • Pro-Shop

  • Camping

  • Outdoor Cooking 

  • Parties

  • Banquets

  • Church Outings

  • Parent/Child Events

  • Fundraiser Events

  • Corporate & Private Shoots

  • Gift Certificates

Our Volunteers........

Thank you for your patience as we collect information ​about our volunteers.

Ken Bellamy is a NC certified Specialized Firearms, Subject control and arrest technique (self-defense) and Concealed Carry Instructor.  Ken has been instructing law enforcement officers for over 14 years. He has attended many tactical weapon courses over his decade and a half law enforcement career. With years of tactical weapon and legal training, Ken will give you the tools to keep you safe and legal.


Our Staff & Instructors........