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Our History........

Low Country Preserve opened in September of 2012 and is the Coastal Carolina's New Premier Shooting Range, Training Facility and Outdoor Adventure Venue featuring:

  • 12 shooting bays,

  • 2 rifle ranges (300 yard & 150 yard)

  • 5 Stand

  • Sporting Cays 10 Stations 100 rd and 50 rd menus

  • Skeet

  • Training from Concealed Carry; Private one-on-one; Tactical Pistol, shotgun, carbine; Competition,

  • 5K Mudd Run

  • Pro-Shop

  • Camping

  • Outdoor Cooking 

  • Parties

  • Banquets

  • Church Outings

  • Parent/Child Events

  • Fundraiser Events

  • Corporate & Private Shoots

  • Gift Certificates

Our Staff & Instructors........

Ken Bellamy is a NC certified Specialized Firearms, Subject control and arrest technique (self-defense) and Concealed Carry Instructor.  Ken has been instructing law enforcement officers for over 14 years. He has attended many tactical weapon courses over his decade and a half law enforcement career. With years of tactical weapon and legal training, Ken will give you the tools to keep you safe and legal.


Our Volunteers........

Thank you for your patience as we collect information ​about our volunteers.

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